Internship Program in Full Throttle

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It’s vacation time! The exams are over, summer heat is wild, the ruin pubs and the Balaton are full of young ones deserving relaxation and entertainment… including developers just entering the labor market. Due to the latter, on 18 July the ground floor club room will be full of talented, mainly fresh university and college graduates who want to challenge their recently acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

The IT Internship Program of DuoDecad was advertised in early June. The invitation was widely published on job finder portals, university and college mailing lists and facebook pages. The program was created in order to provide aftergrowth for the developers of DuoDecad. So to say, like the “U 19” and “U 21” programs used in sports, the DuoDecad launches the “U PHP” and “U Frontend” programs. As expected, we received a lot of applications. After reviewing the CVs, we decided to give opportunity to 120 applicants for a challenge. At first, the candidates were invited to a group interview where we assessed the personal competences with puzzle games, while the level of professional knowledge in logics, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and Frontend was examined using test sheets.

Following the correction of the tests, the assessment of the personal competences and the second tier interviews, 25 candidates were given the opportunity to test their knowledge in real after a serious professional training. The internship program commences with a three weeks long intensive theoretical training, then the participants will increase their knowledge “on the job” for another three weeks, with the assistance of mentors; first in bigger, then in smaller groups. The interns successful in their work and at the interim exams will become the future members of the development team of DuoDecad.

Welcome on board!


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