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Docler Holding’s DuoDecad is looking for and training young professionals. The BootCamp initiative will help future employees become better equipped in handling their responsibilities. The program features several distinct fields and is available for both experienced and novice colleagues. Previous trainings focused on Backend (PHP) experts, but the program also includes C++ Frontend developers. The goal of the courses is to hire experts who don’t necessarily have any previous experience, but their characteristics allow them to become excellent professionals after an individually tailored educational regimen.
In the first phase of selection, we test candidates deemed qualified according to resumes with playful exercises and developer tasks to gauge their professional skills, approach, logic, and ability to work in teams. This period of preparation and testing is conducted in six hour daily sessions and lasts for a week. It is, naturally, paid. Our experiences and impressions during the week determine which candidates will progress to the next phase. After personal interviews, successful participants will receive a contract and will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through an individually constructed monthlong training course.
The program has been prolific, though we modernize its methodology constantly. The success of the initiative is illustrated by the fact that one of the colleagues who gained employment through it two years ago is now a lead developer. For more information, please check job listings, career fairs, or our webpage. Please send inquiries to


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