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For the first time in Hungary, Escalion Hungary Kft. prepared a research within the active players of e-commerce, focusing on the online payment solutions. Since the number and role of the web stores has significantly increased in the past years, a large proportion of them only plan the implementation of bank card acceptance easing the process of purchase. The research report has been already cited by several news providers. The press coverage of Escalion Hungary Kft. is increasing due to its fresh ideas and professional materials.

The extensive research was prepared by Escalion Hungary Kft., a developer and operator of web payment services, together with Webshop-Experts Kft., a recognized developer of web stores. The research aimed to realize the real needs of the domestic e-merchants, as well as their opinion regarding online payment solutions. The survey was based on 403 feedback reports.

The results of the research appropriately demonstrated the special situation of the domestic e-commerce sector. On the whole, it can be stated that the players of the domestic web-based market are discontented with the possibilities offered by the currently available providers. The surveys based on questioning customers and consumers show that, although the fear of fraud decreases year by year, but it still constitutes restraint for the web use of bank cards.

You can ask the professionals of Escalion regarding the further details of the analysis by clicking here.


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