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Docler Group offers a new possibility for musicians and live music lovers. Our new site, shows the modern style for the competitors because here the fans can talk and chat with the musicians in real time via video streaming. They united the existing services and integrated them into an interactive live video chat. This is the end of one-way music experience!

Fans only have to open DoclerMusic in their browser and find a talented up and coming musician. DJs, pianists, singers, rockers and other emerging artists are on the site to show themselves for the whole world for free.

DoclerMusic is not only free for the fans, but for the artists too. Musicians only have to register on the site and start streaming with the DoclerCam software (available for Windows and Mac), for example from their home, a rehearsal room or a club. Fans only have to pay when they would like a private concert or when they learn music from their favorite artist (such as e-learning). They can request a special song, like for a serenade on Valentine’s Day or for their girlfriend’s birthday: on this site the audience can tailor the playlist. And at least they can give a tip for the musicians they like (as a street musician). This is one of Docler’s aims: creating a site for Stream Musicians utilizing the state of the art technology of 2014.

The three main pillars in the new streaming site’s campaign are: Easy, Free & Live.


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