Dead Block beats the world

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As some of you may already know, Dead Block, the first console game of Digital Reality Publishing was published for XBOX Live Arcade last week. Based on the first week, we experienced a wide range of opinions in the press reviews (being a real “love or hate”, only extremely good or bad reviews, but lacking average opinions), but customers definitely love this game.

We dominated the top lists during the first week, and not just in the Arcade category, but also in the “All Games” category, which also includes the digital versions of the retail box games. The following table enlists the places acquired in the first week in the Arcade and the All Games categories, broken down by countries. The table also contains the star ratings, which means the average of customer feedbacks: this shows that almost everywhere the rating is about 80 per cent (4*).

It was uplifting to see our game on the first place in the German store (the German market is the second largest in Europe), overtaking FIFA11, Duke Nukem Forever and Call of Duty (see the screenshot). Next week the game will also be released for PlayStation Network, and there are consultations regarding the PC version. All in all, despite the various press reviews, the start was very inspiring!


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