Docler Portfolio Evening

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The Docler group’s Portfolio Evening is a regularly scheduled event organized by Docler Investments. The aim of the evening is to bring together the ever-growing number of member firms with ones that newly joined, and to present current larger projects in the group. This professional gathering offers the opportunity for the firms to map out their possible options for cooperation and to outline common projects. At the evening held in May, the newest member of the group, Brozie, was introduced with its exciting product that has a main feature of social web browsing. The guests learned about the company’s business strategy and its successes to-date. The introduction was also useful because it generated many great ideas by the participants about how to synchronize the product with the group’s promotional activities. Following Brozie’s presentation, representatives of Exhibition Ltd. spoke about the MURDER exhibit that has been running since November of last year. The exhibition will soon visit other major foreign cities following Budapest, as the related negotiations are currently taking place. Finally, Docler Investments introduced its new partner that specializes in seed investments; Central Fund Ltd. manager, Zoltán Varga presented his company.
The next Docler Portfolio Evening is already under planning to offer the chance for further professional discussions and to seek potential synergies for all the member firms and projected partners of Docler.


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