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Run for Cancer Research

September 10, 2011 saw the nineteenth start of the annual charity run organized by Run for Cancer Research Foundation (Fuss a Rákkutatásért Alapítvány). The Run for Cancer Research charity movement was inspired by the story of a young Canadian: Terry Fox lost his leg at 18 years of age due to osteosarcoma. In order to raise money and public awareness for cancer and the research thereof, he decided to run across Canada using an artificial leg. Unfortunately, Terry Fox had to stop on the 143rd day of the run, since the cancer spread to his lungs and the young man died a few months later.
However, his sports achievement created a tradition, so events raising the awareness for cancer are held in several countries around the world. About 100 workers of Docler Holding registered for the event and ran the symbolic distance of two kilometers. Thereby we donated directly HUF 150,000 for the Foundation. In addition, Docler Holding also offered a great laptop for the raffle, also contributing to the cancer research therewith. Congratulations for the winner!
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