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Docler's Staff has always been a great fan of animals. We love to caress them, pamper them, examine them and eat them. The latter is only a joke... or is it not? Click on the video to find out!

Poszi the blackcap birdie has decided to visit some of his friends from Kirzen on a sunny October morning. Thus, he aimed the Docler HQ's main building but unlucky for him all our windows were closed. Therefore, he ended up hitting the transparent yet hard wall with his head. Poor thing got dazzled from the encounter but some of his two-legged friends ran to his rescue and perform CPR. After a while Poszi became a respected guest of Docler and humans were following him on the red carpet with cameras. Long story short, a helpful human dressed as a bee has taken the bird somewhere ... and this is the part where everything got confused but - as always at Docler's – happy end is guaranteed. I had a phone conversation with Poszi yesterday, he said Hi and thanked for our hospitality. :)
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