Smiley’s recently published book also debuted in the Docler Office Building. Fanny Hozleiter presented her autobiographic writing to our colleagues; the young girl told them everything about her amazing everyday life. She was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of one and a half, and that time the doctors told her parents that she won’t even survive her 18th birthday. She is 25 now, lives in a wheelchair, and asks for help at least 250 times a day, but her cheerfulness and determination is exemplary, she is a really
positive person. Instead of desperation, she started fighting against the illness with smiling. She has proven that there is no such thing as impossible! Her sense of purpose and love of life is close to Docler’s philosophy, so the writer and our group found each other soon. Thanks to György Gattyán, each of our colleagues was given a dedicated original of her book entitled “It’s Up to You” after the interview to find energy in Smiley’s story.
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