Paci Doki Foundation

The circle of Docler-supported charities was expanded to a foundation that helps the treatment of ill children through the connection between animals and people. The Paci Doki Foundation aids young patients by offering equestrian therapy. The foundation's employees offer help to children with birth defects or chronic illnesses free of charge. Therapeutic horseback riding is a noted form of rehabilitation with amazing results. Thanks to Docler, the “horse docs” can increase the effectiveness of exercises with a machine that focuses on the
neural system. This is a feature, which coupled with horseback riding, will offer a complex solution to children who cannot walk. In addition to the activity's therapeutic quality, the hours spent with the animals also present a great opportunity for children to relax and improve their interpersonal kills and behavior. The foundation's work shows that it is worthwhile to pay attention to alternative methods of treatment. We wish them continued success in their future work!
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