World Press Photo

World Press Photo is an independent nonprofit that has been organizing the world’s largest and most prestigious photo journalism competition every year since 1995. The competition is held in local news, general news, sport news, sport feature, issues of controversy, news feature, portrait, arts, entertainment and nature categories. The winners of this year’s World Press Photo were selected by a jury in 12 days from 5666 photo reporters’ more than hundred thousand submissions. The 54 awarded reporters of the nine categories came
from 32 different countries. After the competition the photos will be displayed by a traveling exhibition that will visit 40 countries. Fans of news photography will be able to see the pictures locally in the Museum of Ethnography from Sept. 27 to Oct. 27. Docler Group is proud to become the main local sponsor of this competition, honoring the courage and talent of journalists around the world in their effort to bring to light the newsworthy events from many distant spots in our planet.
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