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Docler’s SchoolTúra program provides free musical education to children in culturally disadvantaged regions. The program’s founder is the Söndörgő Ensemble, a member of which, Salamon Eredics, has been previously awarded Docler Holding’s Junior Prima Prize. Since receiving the prestigious award, we are constantly aiding the work of the band. Our most recent collaboration is Docler SchoolTúra, a series of concerts sponsored by the Group. The program’s goal is to foster the love of music in the younger generation and to
familiarize them with various instruments, styles, and genres with the help of professional musicians. The performances are supplemented with presentations by the band to ensure a theoretical dimension as well. This program was started in 2013, will last for three school years and include 100 performance per year by three groups of various styles. As a dedicated supporter of Hungarian culture, Docler was the first sponsor of SchoolTúra.
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