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Helping crime fighters

Once again, Docler Holding donated more new computers and information technology devices for the Police Station of Kőbánya with the help of the District Municipality. The devices donated by Docler Holding have been put into operation at the police station. As promised by the police, the new, modern and fast computers will enable policemen to reduce the time of paperwork and increase the time spent on the streets. Docler Holding is committed to public security, so it supports the quick and effective combat
against crime, with special regard to information technology-related crime. With the present donation, the group supported the objectives of the Public Foundation for the Public Safety of Kőbánya (Kőbánya Közbiztonságáért Közalapítvány) for the second time. The mission of the Foundation is to improve the financial and technical conditions of the public authorities and crime preventing organizations working in the field of public safety and crime prevention.
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