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Junior Prima Award 2011

It was the first time that young talents with outstanding achievement in folk arts and public education have been awarded. With the Prima Junior Award entailing EUR 7,000 per person, the Prima Primissima Foundation and the co-founder, Gattyán György recognized the works of young talents under 30 years of age, who are committed to the Hungarian folk arts and public education. At the award ceremony taking place in the Docler Holding office building, the following talents received the Junior Prima Award: Csepcsányi Éva contemporary litterateur, Enyedi Ágnes folk singer, Eredics Salamon winds and strings player, Guessous Majda Mária strings player and singer, the girl choir of Kodály Zoltán Elementary School of Music of Marcibányi Tér, Nyitrai Tamás strings player, Soós András violinist, Soós Réka violinist and singer, Tímár Sára singer, Zsákai István knife maker and blacksmith. The awards
have been handed over by Gattyán György, the owner of Docler Holding and by Dr. Lovassy Tamás, the Secretary General of the Foundation Board of the Prima Primissima Foundation. The buzz of the awarded young ones is close to the world of the Docler Group. The average age of our coworkers is barely below thirty years, so we are “Juniors”, as well. It is our honor to give awards to juniors, while we are also juniors. The submission of candidates, the boosting and involvement of the professionals in the search for talents, and finally the notification of the awarded persons constituted a highly interesting duty. The Junior Prima Award was established in 2007 as the extension of the recognitions donated by the Prima Primissima Foundation. Its founders aim to discover new talents and to provide the conditions necessary for their work.
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